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Turn to CaMu to make informed decisions and secure a financial future for you and your loved ones. Our fiduciary advisors bring more than 6 years of industry experience to help you develop successful financial and estate planning. Contact us for more information about our services.

Full Package Living Trust

From start to finish, our team will assist you in creating a living trust that meets your needs and helps you reach your long-term goals. The process of setting up a living trust includes:
Deciding what you need to include in the trust
Gathering the required paperwork, including certificates, deeds, and policies
Deciding on a sole granter or a shared trust
Choosing beneficiaries and a successor trustee
Preparing documents and finalizing the details

Living Trust Restatement

The trust restatement process replaces and overpowers any existing details of your original trust. This is why it’s essential to discuss such adjustments with an advisor before making permanent decisions. Fortunately, we can assist you in determining the best ways to adjust your current living trust and set yourself and your loved ones up for long-term success.

Transfer to Trust

You transfer the legal ownership of your assets to your recipient when you set up a trust and begin to place assets within it. Most people choose to create a living trust and name themselves as a trustee, which allows them to use and control the assets within the trust—even though these assets technically belong to the trust.
Whether you need to transfer ownership of a home, business, or other personal property into a trust, you can turn to us. Our professionals can assist you throughout the process.
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A Living Will

Prepare for your end-of-life care with a living will. Making this decision ahead of time is beneficial in case you are not able to express your wishes when the time comes.
Let our professionals help you with your day-to-day legal needs. We offer a wide range of legal documents for various purposes, including business, financial, tax, medical, healthcare, and living trust documents.

Online Legal Document Services

Health Care Directive

Ensure you get the medical care you would want in the event of a life-threatening illness or accident by planning ahead. Advance directives are important to guide doctors and your family members in making decisions if you are unable to speak for yourself.
It is essential to transfer your power of attorney over financial matters. If you do not have the expertise to do so, you can hire our professional power of attorney services.

Power of Attorneys

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Trust Fiduciary & Financial Services

As professional financial advisors, we understand the difficulties of making personalized plans that meet your requirements. You can trust us to streamline even the most complex process to give you full authority over your finances. This can include dealing with your assets and transferring them to your loved ones.